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Safety & Security Film

3M Security Window Film provides an effective and reliable solution to enhance the security of your home or business by strengthening the glass and preventing break-ins.

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Sun Control of Wisconsin offers a comprehensive range of security solutions to protect your property against forced entry, smash-and-grab burglaries, and other criminal activities. Our main products are 3M Security Film, Defenselite, and BulletShield.

3M Security Film:

3M Security Film provides an additional layer of protection against forced entry attempts, smash-and-grab thefts, and criminal activity. This durable film is bonded to the interior of existing windows, creating a barrier that resists attempts to penetrate. It's important to note that this film won't prevent entry, but rather give you extra time to protect yourself and call the authorities.

Here are the key benefits of 3M Security Film:

  • Enhanced impact resistance: The film withstands significant force, preventing glass shattering and hindering unauthorized entry.
  • Reduced risk of injury: By holding shattered glass in place, the film minimizes the risk of injuries caused by flying shards. No longer need to worry about a stray ball breaking the window and getting cut, the film will hold the glass in place.
  • Easy removal and replacement: The film can be easily removed and replaced if necessary, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

3M Security Film stands as a reliable and effective security solution for both commercial and residential buildings, offering protection and enhancing overall peace of mind.


DefenseLite is a huge step up from safety and security film. It's a patented glazing security solution that utilizes a unique combination of high strength polycarbonate and structural adhesive to create a near impenetrable barrier over your existing windows, all designed to deter break-ins.

DefenseLite boasts several key advantages:

  • Superior deterrence: The virtually impenetrable, multilayered construction discourages break-in attempts before they occur.
  • Exceptional resistance: The film effectively resists impact, cutting, and prying attempts, deterring criminals and safeguarding your property.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency: The film's polycarbonate panels act as a thermal break, reducing heat loss and improving building insulation, consequently lowering energy costs and enhancing overall comfort and sustainability.


BulletShield Security Film is specifically designed to withstand the impact of bullets, explosions, and forced entry attempts. This multi-layered film comprises an optically clear adhesive layer, a tear-resistant film layer, and a high-strength mounting adhesive layer, typically installed on your existing glass doors and windows

BulletShield offers these significant advantages:

  • Cost-effective alternative: Compared to traditional security measures like bullet-resistant glass and metal reinforcements, BulletShield offers a cost-effective solution.
  • Unobtrusive protection: Once installed, the film is virtually invisible, preserving the building's aesthetics and allowing natural light to enter. This is crucial for businesses and organizations that prioritize a welcoming and open environment.
  • Rigorous testing and certification: The film undergoes independent testing and certification to ensure effectiveness against diverse threats, including bullets, blasts, and forced entry attempts.

BulletShield provides a reliable and effective solution for significantly enhancing the safety and security of commercial and residential buildings. Its multi-layered construction, rigorous testing, and unobtrusive nature make it an ideal choice for those seeking superior protection without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.