The Benefits of Security Films

When it comes to windows, most people know by now that window film has the ability to help extend a window's life. They can help reduce glare and help lower cooling and heating costs, but it’s important to note that they can also help with some safety concerns. Security window film helps retain the shattered glass throughout the lifespan of the window you are protecting. This is great for helping to protect building occupants from any injuries and stopping any broken glass from damaging the inside. Security windows are useful during any of the summer months because they can help prevent break-ins while also keeping you cool. It doesn’t matter if the glass breaks due to accidents, extreme weather, or any criminal activity. Security window films help keep your building or home safe.


The biggest benefit that comes with security window film is that it is going to help strengthen any regular glass window you have without requiring any additional reinforcement. When you end up getting tempered glass, which might be used because your building has some building code requirements, the glass is going to be reinforced with some metal strips. This can be bad, as it does make your windows strong, but it is going to add a lot of weight and thickness to your glass. Security film does not require any additional reinforcement; it is able to allow the glass to remain lightweight while still being able to provide any additional strength.

How they work

The security window film is designed to protect you and your property against any unwanted intruders. The film is able to hold the broken glass pieces together instead of letting them fall right out. Because of this, the fragments are going to end up remaining inside the pain, which in turn will keep everyone safe. The security film is going to be applied right onto the outside of the glass window pane in a process similar to what most people might know about applying paint. As soon as it is installed, it ends up sealing the glass and creating a strong barrier to help prevent any moisture from entering your home or business. This is going to help keep any condensation out when it gets cold outside and is going to help prevent any water stains from forming on the interior side of the glass.

Are they breakable?

It is important to note that nothing is completely unbreakable or shatterproof, not even our thickest 3M security film. But the safety and security window films are going to be much more shatter-resistant than regular window films. They can do their job well while still being able to protect whoever is inside the building. The whole point of the security film is to help reduce the effects of impact so that people won't experience the same level of breakage that would normally happen.

At Sun Control of Wisconsin, we offer a wide range of security solutions that include 3M security film. We strive to provide enhanced protection against any forced entry, smash-and-grab burglaries, and any other criminal activities. Call us today to get started protecting your home or business.