Should I Get Paint Protection Film For My Car?

At Sun Control of Wisconsin, we're passionate about safeguarding your vehicle's paint job, and Paint Protection Film (PPF) is our secret weapon. Located in Hudson, Wisconsin, we offer a range of premium PPF packages designed to keep your vehicle looking its best.

The Perks of Paint Protection Film

Premium PPF Installation:

Sun Control of Wisconsin prides itself on providing top-tier PPF installations. Our professional team exclusively uses high-quality PPF known for its durability and longevity. With expert craftsmanship and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure precise and visually appealing installations. Your vehicle receives a tailored fit with complete coverage, enhancing not only protection but also its appearance. We offer diverse PPF options, allowing you to choose materials, thickness levels, and coverage areas that best suit your needs.

Preservation and Protection:

PPF serves as a guardian for your car's exterior, safeguarding it against environmental hazards like sun damage, tree sap, and bird droppings. It also provides protection against road hazards, preventing potential damage from rocks, debris, and more. By preserving your car's exterior, PPF helps maintain its resale value, making it more attractive to future buyers when it's time to sell. This preservation not only saves your car's appearance but also your wallet by reducing the need for costly repairs.

Convenience and Customization:

PPF not only protects but also makes car maintenance easy and stress-free. It's designed for easy cleaning, ensuring your vehicle always looks its best. Many of our PPF products come with manufacturer warranties, offering you extra peace of mind and protection for your investment. Additionally, at Sun Control of Wisconsin, we go a step further by providing customization options for your PPF. You can personalize your car's appearance with custom patterns, colors, and designs, giving your vehicle a unique and stylish look.

PPF Packages from Sun Control of Wisconsin

Ultimate Package:

Our ultimate package includes full protection for:

  • Full hood
  • Full fenders
  • Full mirrors
  • Full bumper
  • Door edges

Highway Package:

Safeguard high-impact areas with the highway package, covering:

  • Partial hood coverage
  • Fenders
  • Mirror backs
  • Entire front bumper
  • Door edges

City Package:

For city driving protection, choose this package, which includes coverage for:

  • Partial hood coverage
  • Fenders
  • Mirror backs
  • Door edges

In summary, Paint Protection Film is your key to maintaining your vehicle's pristine appearance, and Sun Control of Wisconsin in Hudson, Wisconsin, is your trusted partner in this endeavor. Whether you opt for the Ultimate, Highway, or City package, you're making a wise investment in the long-term beauty and protection of your vehicle. Say goodbye to concerns about scratches, chips, and environmental threats, and say hello to a beautifully preserved vehicle.