How Window Film Helps LaCrosse Homes In Winter

As much as we hate to admit it, it's Winter. We're already seeing the first few inches of snow fall in Wisconsin, so time to get all the winter coats and snow blower out of storage.

While you're getting everything and everyone prepped for snow, we have one more tool that could help you during these cold months: Window Film! Window film isn't just for summer heat; it can be a valuable asset in maintaining comfort, energy efficiency, and overall well-being during the chilly winter months.

Improved Insulation

When the temperature drops, the tendency is for heat to move from warmer areas to cooler ones. In the context of your home, this means that the warmth you've painstakingly generated with your heating system will naturally seek to escape through your windows. This is generally why your electric bill peaks during the winter season, your heater is working overtime to maintain the warmth in your home. That's where Window Film comes in.

Window film might just look a thin transparent thing, however, it's engineered to minimize heat transfer, serving as a thermal buffer between your LaCrosse Home's interior and the cold snowy conditions outside. Window film, when installed correctly, becomes an additional layer of protection for your windows - unobtrusive but incredibly effective.

This means your heating system won't have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature, which can lead to cost savings on your energy bills. Cue the next point!

Energy Efficiency

It's no surprise we're all trying to make a shift towards energy efficiency; from solar panels on homes to advances in technology to reduce our carbon foot print. Some do it for the planet, to keep it looking beautiful for the next generation. It's a long ways for us to get there, however, one immediate change you'll be able to notice is how Window Film can save you a couple of dollars here and there.

LaCrosse's winter climate can be unforgiving, with temperatures that plummet and demand more energy to keep your home warm and comfortable. When your heating system is hard at work, every bit of warmth it produces is invaluable. Well, there's a number attached to it but we're trying to down. Without proper insulation, that warmth can dissipate, leading to energy waste. As mentioned, window film functions as additional insulation for your home, preventing the cold from coming in, and the heat from escaping. We've heard of boy math and girl math, but how about Window Film math: the more heat your home retains, the less energy you need to consume to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Window film helps by reducing the heat transfer - translating to reduced energy consumption, a smaller carbon footprint, and more consistent indoor temperatures.

Glare Reduction and Comfort

We've all been there. You're trying to watch some TV or get some work down from home, sun comes out and BAMN, it's reflecting from the snow through your window creating a sharp, blinding glare.

Window film can help reduce this glare, making your home a more comfortable and visually pleasant environment. You can enjoy the winter sunlight without the need to squint or constantly adjust your blinds or curtains.

There's also an element of light diffusion that kicks in depending on the film you get (certain privacy film). This means that instead of harsh, direct light, you get a soft and evenly distributed illumination throughout your home thus a more comfortable environment for your family.

UV Protection

When I was younger, I thought since I couldn't get sun burnt during the winter, I wasn't being affected by UV rays. Give me a break, I wasn't even done with Middle School . The fact of the matter is that even during snowy days, you still have to worry about the harmful effects that can come from Ultraviolet (UV) radiation. And due to the snow reflecting the light, we're getting increased exposure.

Even if you're not too concerened about your health, you have to take into consideration your furnishings, flooring, and any artwork / memorabilia you may have that could be fading or getting damaged. For the most part, our window film blocks up to 99% of all UV rays coming in through windows.

Enhanced Daytime Privacy

Last but not least, some privacy for your LaCrosse Home. Odds are, because it's going to be snowy, your family is going to be spending most if not all their day inside. We offer Privacy Film that offers the previous benefits with the added safety. You no longer have to worry about people peaking in from the street during the day, all they'll see is a dark window, while you'll still be able to see outward. I'd dive into the details, but there's so many variations, it's easier to discuss with your Sun Control specialist about your needs, and we can work with you!

Window film is a versatile solution that provides numerous benefits for LaCrosse, WI homes during the winter season. From improved insulation and energy efficiency to glare reduction, UV protection, and enhanced privacy, it's a valuable addition to your winterization efforts. Consider the advantages of window film - it's a proactive step that can make your winter days in LaCrosse more comfortable and enjoyable.